TSC’s Club Partnership programme saw further success this week with the debut of 4 new grassroots teams, all of these teams have been put together through TSC club partnership programmes.
Today the Ramsgate Youth FC under 7s and 8s and the Deal Town Youth FC under 7s and 8s took part in their first fixtures in the Faversham Friendly League Tournaments.


TSC and Ramsgate Youth partnered 6 months ago, with TSC running a Saturday soccer school in association with the club. The TSC coaches then selected some players to train as a squad, they trained at the Ramsgate Youth venue with the TSC coaches, with the club being involved with helping the players and welcoming the parents. New under 7 and 8 teams were then officially formed for Ramsgate Youth FC. The club then found parents to run the teams and they joined in with the coaching alongside the TSC coaches. The transition has now been completed with the volunteer coaches running the teams at today’s tournaments. The TSC coaches will still be involved with the coaching every so often to make sure there is continued success at the club.

Similarly at Deal town Youth FC we also run the Saturday soccer school as well as all of the training sessions for every age group. Head Coach at Deal Town Youth James has worked hard to set up two new under 7 and 8s teams which again are now being coached by volunteer coaches. Our club partnerships programme has been a huge success at Deal, with 5 teams now running with coaching from the TSC coaches at every training session.




The club partnership programme has got over 30 players into teams this season as well as helping to raise the standards of coaching throughout these clubs. With it coming more and more difficult to find volunteers TSC are proud to be helping community clubs.