We have recently expanded Adam Reveleys role as Head Scout to make sure that things keep moving forward at TSC and that plenty of opportunities are given to all of our players.

Adam is now in the process of building his coaching team and has already added 3 scouts to work under his wing, you will see our scouts out at games most weekends watching games to find players to invite to TSC. As well as scouting these players they will also be watching our current players to check on their progress and see how they are doing during their games.

One change that we are looking to make at TSC is to get more pro games as well as more games on our training nights to keep the players progressing. Adams role is to contact teams and organise the games at Minster and Faversham.

All of our age groups can look forward to fixtures at their venues when we go back outside against a variety of grassroots teams, development centres and proffessional clubs.

If you are interested in joining the scouting team please contact Head Scout Adam Reveley on 07702 449651 or adam@tscoaching.co.uk

You can also follow our scouting team on Twitter @TSCscouting